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Twitter fondly known as the “Bird App” is a micro blogging and social networking service on which users can send and receive shorts post called “Tweets”. These tweets can be up to 140 characters long and can include links to websites and resources.

Twitter users can follow one another which allows them to see other people’s tweets on their timeline.

On Twitter, you can choose to follow people and organisations you’re interested in.

You can also follow up on trending issues around the world.

It also allows you to compose your own tweets or retweet posts made by other users. The action retweeting simply means reposting what others have posted and allowing people who follow you see the information.

The bird app has become popular and useful to firms, students, politician, medical practitioners and the general public at large.

The app might seem different from most social media platforms and a little difficult because of the different features like tweets and trend.

Interestingly, Twitter allows you to do a number of things without stress like;
– Reaching a large number of people quickly through tweets and retweets.
– Follow the work of other experts on your field
– Reach new audience.
– Express your personality
– Contribute to discussions on events and trending issues.
– Easily promote your research like sharing links to your research.

Many people just have this misconception about the bird app being complicated, neglecting the fact that it could be used to promote your brand and personality.

The now world is advancing in technology and we need to advance with it.

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