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Social media usage can be addictive and also time-consuming when it is not used effectively. Do I have to monitor or limit time used for social media? Is social media taking away physical socializing? Is it becoming a new norm in our daily life? What do l have to do to avoid being addicted to the social media life?

Research has shown that social media actually releases dopamine in the brain, just like food, sex, or drugs. It is why most people get addicted to social media. This makes them feel antsy or anxious when they try to abstain from checking Instagram, Facebook and other sites for more than few minutes. Sometimes if they don’t have access to social media, it feels like they are missing out on the happenings in the world.

Social media has taken the place of physical socialization, in the sense that people don’t actually go out to have fun again. It has become an excuse for humans known as introverts, they rather stay behind their phones than go outside. Some ways to limit social media intake include;

Learning a new skill.
Going Outside.
Meeting new people.
Monitoring time spent on social media.
Utilizing the use of social media (making money).
Listening to radio /watching Tv.
Seeing Movies.


Most of the owners of these social media sites make money from addiction to the e-world. It is time to take back your free time. Remember, these sites are built to make money and not reduce your productivity. Live life in the real world instead of the e-world, it’s more fun that way.

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