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A programming language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that can produce various outputs. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms. Most programming languages consist of instructions for computers (Wikipedia). There are programmable machines that use specific type of instructions, rather than the general languages. In other words, programming languages are used in computer implementation.

Computers uses language built by man in order to function. The description of a programming language is usually split into two components of syntax(form) and semantics (meaning). A programmer is someone who writes source code text in programming language to create programs.

A person who is sound in IT must be able to understand programming language as it is one the basics of computer program. Some youths actually go to school to learn programming language. Moreover, programming language could also be learned without schooling. There are types of programming languages which are;

JAVA: Java is one of the original coding languages and it’s still quite popular in mainstream web coding. Many of the applications used by people are done with java. Without java, some applications might be functionless.
PYTHON: This programming language is known for its readability and straightforward coding philosophy. It is widely used in the programming world to perform common tasks such as connecting to the database.
JAVASCRIPT: This is often used with internet browser. According to Tammy Valgardson, a senior web developer, ” it’s part of the holy trinity of front – end web development. JavaScript is used in game development, PDFs, and both mobile and desktop applications.

These are the basic things
that anyone who is interested in learning programming language should know about.

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