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Written by, Eunice Ojo A.

Motivation is a vital tool that performs diverse functions like helping achieve goals; improving attitude towards work; sparkling the creation of ideas; attaining success and it also helps to improve the performance of individuals towards productivity.

School owners understand the role of motivation in helping students attain academic excellence and preparing them for the future. Students that lack motivation will not perform on the same level as those that get the daily dose of motivation. In fact, motivation is the greatest tool to employ to help students reach the peak of activeness. The consequence(s) of not infusing motivation in the learning process can result to the following

Slow learning
Low morale
Little or no interest in learning activities
Easy distractions
Difficulty in self expression


However, the above factors are nowhere to be found in students who are regularly encouraged and made to know that there is no boundary to what they can achieve. The traits that can be seen in these students includes:

Self Belief
Relevance within and outside the school walls
Better performance in activities
High record of achievement
Positive feelings and thoughts.

One thing amidst other things that motivation does to students is that it gets them to perform actively in all activities that they engage in.

Faith in oneself means that nothing becomes impossible to achieve, the sky becomes students starting point.

Stay Motivated.

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