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Lifestyle:- Stigma on Menstruation

For a long time menstruation have been termed different names and associated with different types of feelings. Disgusting, dirty, painful, depressing. These are the words we have come to associate with the female monthly menstrual cycle.

I did a quick survey and couldn’t get a single good word about menstruation even from women. It is uncertain where unspoken words cornered people into believing that this was a time of negativity and as such should be treated with contempt.

Dwelling a little on the biological process, it is known that after being fertile for ten to fourteen days without conception, the body finds a way to dispose the blood and other materials built up for the proper housing of a baby hence, the menstrual blood.

With this happening, a woman goes into different moods and state of mind not because she wants to, but because the chemical composition of her body is in a constant change since she hit her first menstrual cycle.

It is high time these stigmas stop and people start embracing this time for women. Without menstruation, there would be no reproduction, no life. It is an irony that the people capable of forming life are stigmatized when they go through this.

Studies have shown specific parts of the world where the menstrual cycle is termed a taboo and as such there is not enough education on the topic and many teenage girls are left to understand what is going on with their body themselves. This usually results in unhygienic disposal of pads and/or tampons, shame during menstruation and lack of normal activities.

In some cases, women are not allowed to go to school, pray, cook in the kitchen. Some are even told to not touch men during their cycle. This in itself speaks of gender inequality as they are seen as weak because of a necessary biological function.

Men and women should be properly sensitized, women should be given more empowerment opportunities and resources. Menstruation should be talked about freely and surely, the stigma attached to this normal experience would slowly dissipate.





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