Personal Development:- Unemployment and the Nigerian Youth

It is a known fact that it is one thing to have a career and it is another to get employed. These concepts are parallel and should be treated as such. As much as people building careers are revered, people who work 9-5 are also worthy of their wages and so should be honoured on their own lanes.
As a resident of Nigeria, threading the path of seeking employment can be a Herculean task that could be mentally, financially, physically and even psychologically draining. This is because of reasons which include:
• Experience
Business owners in Nigeria enjoy searching for people with very high years of experience while also expecting them to be fresh graduates. This situation has led to many youths roaming the streets.
• High Cost of Living
The cost of living in some places is not commensurate to the pay offered by employers. Employers hope to get cheap labour but also want highly experienced people and these two do not correlate
•Lack of Skill Set
In the world today, having a degree is not enough to get a job, as various skills must be learnt and relearnt to be able to acquire jobs. The unemployment ratio has brought about a high number of graduates scrambling for the same position.
To this end, people must be equipped well enough to stand out.
Although there are many more reasons, these ones explained are the basic ones and should be treated as such. As much as employers of labour need to tone down their requirements, job seekers should also improve themselves.

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