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Only unserious people suscribed to this line of thoughts

I have met quite a lot of successful people in my life and one things these guys had in common is that they know what their tomorrow looks like at every standing.

In 2008, while we both shared a boys quarters apartment in Shogunle, one of my friends informed me that he is going to buy two plots of land at the same time. His job that time; he was selling recharge card by the road side at Computer Village in Ikeja. The value of the whole his business at the time is not up to fifty thousand naira.

I laughed within me when he made the remark but kept quiet just because I dont want to burst his bubbles!

Few days later, he came back home with a flyer. It was a land sales flyer by one Real Estate company selling a plot of land at two hundred and fifty thousand at Arepo side. He was more excited this time. “There is an option for Installment payment of twenty five thousand naira per month!” He said.

For me as a Lagos boy, Arepo is far and undeveloped. Why will I leave Lagos to go and be living in one bush? God forbid. But my friend bought his own. He bought one plot at Arepo and two plots at Magboro that same 2008 with installment payment option! Today, a plot of land at Arepo is around Fifteen million and above depending on land type and area!

I learned a great deal of lesson from that guy since then. You can determine the direction of your life if you are a serious person. From that moment on, I decided to live deliberately for something. I know my tomorrow. I planned my life and I stick with the plans.

As a Lagos boy, I stick to Lagos and I finally got my first plot of land in 2017 and another in 2018. Life become fun when you live deliberately. It doesn’t mean, there wont be challenges that will derail the plan once in a while, but once there is a plan you are following, living become purposeful and fun.

So, never subscribe to that school of thought that says, nobody knows tomorrow! Once there is a good plan, you can know what your tomorrow looks like!


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