Managing People

Written by Eunice Ojo A.

Managing People

Everyone who sets up a business does so to provide goods and services; with the intention of grooming it to grow and deliver. However, the business needs the contribution of people (whether employees or customers) to continually thrive. Managing people is an important factor in the running of a successful business.

The effectiveness of how rapid a business records success is on how efficient the people in the organization are managed. Managing people is the ability to get everyone to maximally perform their duties and give positive results. It is managing their affairs in the business environment, their feelings and attitude towards work.
How then do we manage people?

There are key attributes a competent manager must possess/put into consideration while dealing with employees, they include:

● Flexibility – In all dealing with employees, a good manager must be willing to make concessions; must prepare himself and employees for change so that employees can comfortably adapt to the situation of things and operations can continue to run smoothly.

● Listening skill – A competent manager should take into consideration the suggestions of coworkers for the improvement and growth of the organization, acknowledging suggestions that will be put into use and explaining the reason behind not implementing others. This will encourage workers to freely air their views without fear or fright.

● Communication – From time to time, a manager should give information that will aid the skyrocket of the business. He should also be able to address the situation of things in the working environment before they become issues. The role of effective communication cannot be underestimated as break in communication and wrong information can affect and mar the progress of the organization.

● Role model – A good manager must be worthy of emulation, he must practise what he preaches to employees. He must be determined and diligent in running the affairs of the organization and getting tasks done. There’s a high chance employees will follow in his footstep.

● Encouragement – To maximize the productivity of workers, a good manager must constantly acknowledge and encourage the efforts of employees, appreciating and admonishing them from time to time and helping them to see that there is no limit to their performance. This will definitely motivate workers to give in their best and improve their lagging areas.

● Empowerment – A good manager should seek the growth and empowerment of the employees, suggesting ways by which they can improve their skill and helping them to become better in their field of expertise, after all, helping them develop will increase their performance in the organization.

Employees play vital roles in an organization, and when handled well, they can help to bring out the best and project the existence of the company. The mission, vision and aim of the business when followed will solidify the business but the employee when managed well will scream the business loud for the world to hear with their performance.

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