Which would you rather have; Long and meaningful life or short and unimportant life...

Life is a gift, living is a quote you can identify with. The choice of living a short, unimportant life depends on an individual. There are different ways of how one can live a short life, an unimportant life.

An article in the New York times shared research on longevity that revealed that the people who live the longest not only live a healthy lifestyle but also tend to engage and connect with people around them.

Living a long life means making contributions and impacts to people around you. An easier way to live a short, unimportant life is to be invisible and also not relating or attaching to people.

Enjoying that short life is solely for making enough money and dwelling in present moments withoutcaring about what will possibly happen tomorrow.

Living a short life essentially means just making every minute count basically living like tomorrow doesn’t exist because life is too short.

Meanwhile, invisibility and complacency is the quickest way to a deteriorating life; a short and unnoticed presence on earth.

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