Lifestyle:- Ten Simple Things You Should Do Daily

Oluwaseun Solomon

Your daily output becomes more productive when some of your daily activities support and boost your mental and physical self. The yield of each day comes together to make up your worth. In order to maintain or increase your daily yield, your physical and mental self needs to be guided and cared for.
Here are ten simple things you should do daily;
Drink at least a bottle of water daily.
Staying hydrated is important which is what drinking of water helps you to do. This simple action does great things such as; maximizing physical performance, maximizing brain activities, relieving constipation, helps treat kidney stones and aids weight loss.
2. Exercise
Forms of exercise can include taking at least 1000 steps a day which can be monitored by step counter wrist watches or apps, running few kilometers each day or even climbing the stairs. Exercise helps you to control your weight, reduce risks of health complications, and improve your sleep and sexual health.
3. Make someone smile
This simple act can mean a little to you but can mean the world to someone else. This can be you saying something nice about a person or doing something nice for such person and this person can either be a friend or a stranger. It can be a simple “you look beautiful today”.
4. Have a meaningful conversation
A person’s degree of productivity is determined by what goes into such person. Having a conversation that adds to your knowledge will go on a long way in making you a better person. You can only impact people around you when you are well fed with what they need.
5. Eat at least one healthy meal with fruits and vegetables
Eating good food primarily prevents you from needing medications. If you eat healthy, you provide your body with what it needs to function effectively. As most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat and calories and are rich sources of many nutrients, one each day keeps you healthy and safe from falling sick.
6. Put a smile on your face
Just a smile on your face can relieve you from stress, leading to a more productive day. By finding a way to smile each day, your body makes it a habit to put on a positive vibe always and will also help with the day’s productivity.
7. Put on an outfit you love
Satisfaction at the end of every tasks comes from the confidence you have to solve the task. Also, your confidence is boosted by your self esteem which portrays how you feel about yourself and how you look.
8. Think about your day and write a mental plan about the next day
After the completion of each day, it is healthy to evaluate your plans for the day and how it turned out, and plan for the next day.
9. Take a long bath and shower before your sleep
Doing this will make you go to bed feeling clean and relaxed, it will help you get a great night sleep and also make you wake up bright and ready the next day.
10. Get eight hours sleep
it is important to get eight hours sleep, because everything is more difficult and stressful when you are tired and down. The body gives it’s full potentials when your mind is bright and relaxed.
These ten things are simple and achievable daily and the possibility of doing them each day becomes high when you find a way to make them fun while at it.



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