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Iremofe kofoworola

At different stages of our lives, we have heard, seen or written these words “Cleanliness is next to godliness” on countless occasions. What comes to your mind when you come in contact with such words? I once had a friend who wrote these words in his notebooks back then in secondary school. Truly, cleanliness matters for everyone. Irrespective of gender, good hygiene is what every boy, girl, lady, man, woman, farmer, teacher and engineer should learn.

Sometimes, especially in African societies, you hear people say things like “I am not surprised men are dirty. It is natural for men to be dirty”. That is fallacious! Good hygiene is not limited to ladies. When we see ladies who are not neat, we begin to act like it is weird for them not to be hygienic. Enough of giving justifications for men’s dirtiness.

It is high time our boys learnt how to be so hygienic. It costs nothing to smell good. It costs not so much to wash your clothes, brush your teeth and keep your environment tidy. The importance of good hygiene cannot be over emphasized. Men need to start taking their hygiene with much seriousness. Below are few tips for men (everyone) who love to look good and learn how to be hygienic).

Always ensure you brush regularly. This implies that you brush at least twice a day. We all go out everyday for our “hustle” and it is very vital we brush both in the morning and later in the evenings when we get back home.

Bathing so well is also important. You cannot imagine people avoiding you because you smell terribly bad. That is quite awful! It is very important you shower both in the morning and evening before going to bed. We all sweat and our skin needs to be refreshed.

It is very crucial for men to shave their private parts. Shaving the hair under your armpits is very good. You could get nice deodorant and body spray. Do not let ladies run away from you because you smell bad. Men, please shave your armpits!

Your nails say so much about you. Cut your nails. Do very nice manicure and pedicure. If you keep nails, make sure they are neat. Our nails keep germs. It is really advisable you cut your nails so as not to keep dirt.

Proper hygiene is not restricted to ladies only. It is very important we all take good care of our bodies. It is pleasant to smell good. Men need to be hygienic, always. Do not just look good in your outward appearance. Take care of yourself in the best way because health is wealth, and truly, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

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