Habits are generally known as constant exhibition of a behaviour; it entails the way we act on regular bases. Scientifically, it has been affirmed that the constant repetition of an action for a period of three (3) months establishes it as a habit. Therefore, no matter the habits one possess , new habits can be developed to override unsatisfied ones.

The way we related to people overtime becomes our default way of acting towards them. It is important to know that how much of care or negligence we employ in relating with people ultimately says a lot about how we view them and much more on the kind of person we are and how well our thought is shaped. The appropriate manner of approach is an important factor that every individual has to posses in maintaining relationship(s) because it emphasizes how much of an impact a person has or makes on people.

The advantages of maintaining the right manner of approach amounts to:

1. Attraction of positivity

2. Fostering relationships

3. It can make one a people’s person

4. Healthy reputation

On the other hand, not approaching people in the right manner can cause irreparable damages even though your intentions are pure. No matter how bad you are in relating with people; it’ll only take three months of constant efforts to make you a better person. Get to it, I’m rooting for your improvement.

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