SOLOMON Oluwaseun

The thought of this topic can be stressful. I remember asking a friend this question “what would you do if you had the opportunity  to run the world?” His response was “I’ll give it back.” The world comprises the Earth and everything in it, so I feel it is normal if someone decides to shy away from Handling the responsibility. So let me ask you, if you had the chance torule the world what would you do? Yeah it looks cumbersome right?

Now for me if I had the opportunity to run the world, what would I do? Like I told one of my friends, don’t think too much, just answer the question. As a Nigerian and because of how my environment has molded me, I’ll first think about myself and my closest environment, check my resources before extending it to the rest of the world to solve their problems.

But as a grown up and a young man who has gone through primary, secondary and tertiary form of education, I have learnt that the world works better when resources are equally shared  to everyone and no one feels left out. Although the world of economics which says “needs are usually more than available resources” negates this, but having handled a few leadership positions, I have come to a conclusion that if resources are properly managed and distributed, we will have less people who are in need and more people who are in position to serve the few.

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