Pressure is an oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress. Pressure comes from different aspects of the society. It could come from family, workplace or the society. Various way of handling it could help from ending in mental disorder or suicide.

What are the ways to handle pressure?

Maintaining Clear Head for Thinking: when things don’t go the way you have planned, it is important to remain calm, clear your head then reassess the situation.

Changing Approach: Sometimes it is good to modify and examine a new approach for the proposed plan/project or simply adjusting your mindset.

Don’t Be Dependent: Be independent, in essence, don’t expect too much from people.
Stay Focused: Set your goals, be focused on them, and watch as it grows. Stop comparing other people’s dreams which may give in to pressure.
See Pressure as an Opportunity: Every time you find yourself under pressure, you have an opportunity to take control of the situation and make the best of it

Studies strongly suggest that having the ability to handle pressure successfully plays a significant role in their success — as well as the organization they work for.
People who work well in high-pressure situations have a few things in common, including the ability to resolve conflict positively and meet challenges with humor and determination (Google).

There are people who can’t handle the pressure they face and it takes a huge toll on them that’s why some of them either commit suicide or starts having mental stress then mental disorder. Re-assessment and re-evaluation are best to recommend for people going through pressure. However, Stay strong in the game and hope for the best by not giving in to pressure.

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