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Iremofe Kofoworola

Children are God’s gifts to us. It is the joy of every parent to see their children hearty, happy and cheerful. It is therefore the responsibility of each parent to provide for their children’s daily needs and make life comfortable for them.
Safety is paramount and should not be taken with levity by parents and every member of the society in general. For a child to be healthy, safety precautions are vital. These safety precautions help children from falling victims of accidents, kidnapping, rape and other societal vices.
Precautions are to be taken at home, in schools, on the roads and wherever our children are found. The teachers, parents, and government agencies must see to the safety of children in the communities at large. Here are few safety tips to be considered thoroughly in ensuring the well-being of children.
Teachers should not leave kids in the classrooms or any sensitive areas in the school. It could be dangerous when kids are left alone as they might end up injuring one another.
Children should not engage in discussions with people they barely know. More importantly, they should be enlightened on how to avoid collecting items, food and other enticing gifts from strangers.
Parents should also avoid posting pictures of their wards while on school uniforms on their social media platforms. This could give easy access to kidnapping as the names of their schools would be disclosed to unknown identities.
Cases of suspected kidnapping should be thoroughly investigated when reported to government agencies and culprits must be brought to book.
Parents should not make the grave mistakes of keeping their kids with people they barely know.
When children get injured, proper medical care or treatments should be administered to them so as to avoid further complications.
Children should be given adequate safety education.
It is our collective responsibility to see to the safety of children around us. These safety measures can help prevent accidents because life is worth living with our children!


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