Bad habits are wrong actions you take on a regular basis that have become a part of you.

Bad habits often look like normal actions but are mostly wrong and sometimes disgusting. These habits are mostly picked up while growing up and overtime you find it hard to let go of them.

Some of these habits are picked up due to situational happenings or the environment you find yourself. These habits, overtime, become a means to console oneself and balance up these situations.

Some bad habits are debatable as some people believe in their comfort and well being.

Although most bad habits do not harm anyone but can be offensive, it is always good to comport oneself and consider one’s environment when not in your comfort zone.

A theory states that it takes about 66 days to break a habit.
Generally it takes between 18 and 254 days. Depending on the type of habit, it may be repeated once or twice.

A habit like poking the nose in public may be done once while a habit like masturbation might need to be repeated twice.

Finally, it is harder to break a habit than to pick it up, so you need to be observant and intentional about every action you take.

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