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Irene Ebube Nwaolise

The beads of sweat trickling down your brow from exhaustion on a treadmill might make you reconsider your choice about exercising but your body is at its best in the gym or on the streets, jogging. The benefits of exercise are just so limitless.
Many people pick up workouts as a means to build up muscles in certain areas or to loose a few pounds. Whatever the cause, it is important to know what is happening to your body during this process.
Exercise improves your mood and mental health: Daily exercise stimulates the body to produce certain chemicals (endorphins) that keep you in a better (happier) mood. People dealing with depression are advised by doctors to take up exercise at least 30 minutes per day. This is aside the fact that exercising clears your mind and improves your thought process.
It helps with overall body health: This is where I talk on building desired muscles and/or losing weight. An overweight or underweight person is at a higher risk of diabetes or other ailments. Exercise reduces the risk of such health problems like cancer, high blood pressure, and so on. Did you know that frequent exercise may reduce the risk of ED (erectile dysfunction) in men? Do read about it so you don’t say I didn’t tell you.
It slows down aging: Everyone ages! But the people we so admire who appear “older than they look” have put in the work and are not scared of a couple minutes of sweat! Look at Genevieve Nnaji! Our thinking capacity becomes dull as we age and this could be managed with exercise.
Other benefits include,
Better sleep, skin and sex
Healthy appetite
Improved flexibility
Energy boost
Less stress of mind and body
Exercise could be fun. Plug in your music, dance during workout breaks or get a workout buddy. Anything to make it enjoyable.
In all, regular exercise does a lot more benefit than the pain and perseverance it requires. Walk to the junction instead of flying a bike, take the stairs instead of that elevator, have a dance session for an hour if you really want to include exercise to your busy schedule. Or walk 6000 steps a day If you don’t have the time (get a watch that counts for you). you don’t have an excuse. Make the choice to live better.
Start exercising today!

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