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Health is one of the assets everyone seek to have even if it’s not a commodity that can be bought with money. That’s why we’re used to saying health is wealth.

Good health is a priced possession, anyone who’s in good health is seen as wealthy. Be grateful to God for health.

We pay more attention to the health of our body than that of our mind, forgetting that the health of the mind is premium.

Your mind is the engine of your life, it’s responsible for your drive and the turns your life take.

Even if you’re healthy in your body, you’ll need a healthy mind to use that body to your advantage.

A healthy body without a healthy mind is like a cancer waiting to be discovered. *Nothing influences your life like your mind.*

Our life takes the shape of our thoughts because it feeds from the content of our mind. What your mind is exposed to influences the experience of your life.

Prioritize the health of your mind over that of your body. A healthy mind benefits every aspect of your life.

Only feed your mind with what you want your life to be like.

Remain inspired, purposeful and successful.

Chidi Odinanwa

©️ 2020

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