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Fueled by the promise of opportunities and the power of innovation, our vision is to build the world’s most vibrant, diverse and dynamic economy driven by the youth. Our nation’s future prosperity and competitiveness now depend on meeting pressing economic challenges we face today as a nation. Driven by the glaring potentials of our youth and tenacity to create way forward, Coded TV was founded to create platforms that will initiates programs and forums that will inspire the formation of informed community of young people across all communities all of Africa.

We must come to the reality that the present crops of youth will have does not possess the require capacity to drive our continents out of the current woes that betides us. We need to come together and inspire each other to greatness for the future of this great continents rest on young Africans’ shoulders.

Our platforms will forged a bridge with experienced professionals to train and mentor the nation’s most vibrant, creative and hardworking youth in a bid to give them necessary rudiments needed to change today narratives in our economy and build the future prosperity of our nation. Here is a call to young people all across Africa to join us and liberate the ignorant folks by opening their foresight to the abounding opportunities that our continent possess.

It is an insult on all the intelligent and forward thinking young Africans for our continent to be regarded as third world continent despite all our possession both in natural resources and human resources and situation will not get better until we all rise up and ensure every young people at grassroots level has the capacity to utilize our resources even at their own level.

Our voices and actions must be one of development and creation of collective wealth by creating programs that will enhancing capacity building of all the youth. Our youth are becoming tools of violence in the hands of crooked politicians who have unleashed hell on the common man due to their vested interest. And recently, the crop of out intelligent youth has taken to crime as a way of survival. We must redeem hope by rehabilitating each other with information that will inspire all to be good again.

Join us today to spread the good news of great happening in Africa. Report news of innovation around your environment. Recommend works of great Africa youth who need to get global attention and much more. We have what it takes to lead the new decade if we are ready to put in the required work.

Are you ready? What can you do? Can you write? Present a TV Show? Host A Radio Program or organize training event for young people? Partner with us today and let us the phoenix of Africa dreams emerge from the ashes of corruption and violence that has betide our continent in the decade past. It’s a new dawn. Join hands with us. Get in touch via

Tell us what you can do and how we can work together to achieve great things!

The Coded TV Team

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