Gender Equality

Gender Equality is a situation where people of all genders have equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities.

The Sustainable development goal 5 is one brought about to address the issue of gender inequality in the society. As we know, the clamour for equality is usually fostered by the living and situational conditions of women and girls in the society. This is because this gender has been discriminated against in so many areas and it is high time we brought these attitudes to a stop.

Since year 2000, UNDP together with the United Nations has made the issue of gender Equality Central to their work and they have seen a drastic change. More girls are now in school and most regions have reached gender parity in Education.

The Importance of gender equality can not be overemphasized because gender equality is linked to Sustainable development and is vital to the realisation of human rights for all.
“Equality between men and women exist when both sexes are able to share equally in the distribution of power and influence, have equal opportunities in every sphere of life. – UNFPA.

It is worthy of note that women are usually the subjects in gender Inequality ridden societies. Therefore, it is crucial to promote women empowerment, redress gender imbalance, and give women more autonomy to manage their lives.

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