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Technical Know-How

To create perfect jobs in Media industry, there is need for aspiring filmmakers to have deep understanding of the technical aspect of media production. That is what we focus on at Coded TV.

Indoor & outdoor

Media Production deals with both indoor and outdoor challenges. These two poises different challenges that require different approach. That is what we our daily productions focuses on. 

Business Side of Media

Professionalism deals with competencies; capacity to convince people you have what it takes to deliver what is expected. But most importantly is the business side of media. You need to understand how to market and earn deserved value for your offering. We know this and we can show interested people the how.

Founder's vision

I believe so much in practical lessons because theoretical can be a lot more complicated when you get to the place of converting theory to reality. It is in doing something consistently that perfection and mastery come into the picture. Whatever you do constantly becomes part of you.
Over the years, as a career person and a business person, I have come to realize that there are two sides to every trade that every player in any trade must understand. The first is the professional side of the trade. This deals with competency, that is what gives you authority to convince people that you have the capacity to deliver beyond their expectations.
It is very important because it is your understanding of the trade that lay a foundation for the second side of the trade, without competency, you can never get what you deserve in any trade and that is why we organized this training to give aspiring filmmakers the practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in media industry.
When I started my career in filmmaking back in 2006, all I just want to do is write scripts and act. That’s all, money was stipend and very minimal. And then, I started working on Coded TV projects from 2014 and eventually launched in 2017. When I started it, it was all about vision, vision, and professionalism. But then, we begin to faced lots of setbacks and are what gave me the understanding of the second side of media. You need to understand the business side of the media business. I mean this is a billion-dollar industry, to really get what you deserved, you need to get the right knowledge of what is obtainable and how it can be obtained. That is also part of what you will learn in the course of this 3 months training.

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