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One unique fact about us is that we ensure our Student major in one course and also take two other courses as minor courses in the course of the six weeks training with us. We also provide opportunities for students to be part of our production after the training


Course duration: 6 Weeks

  • Learn how to shoot a feature film, commercial film, documentary film, and TV show
  • Learn all aspect of filmmaking processes
  • Learn one of scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, editing as a major course and two others as elective courses.
  • On-camera skills and techniques
  • Understanding of every skillset needed in filming
  • Understanding of the business side of filmmaking
  • On-camera skills and techniques used by industry professionals
  • Story structure as it applies to the actor
  • Physical and vocal awareness and engagement
  • The professional film, commercial and television audition skills
  • Understand the role of the cinematographer in film production
  • Understand the basic characteristics of the cinematographic properties of a shot; film stock, lighting, and lenses
  • Describe the differences between a shot, a setup and a take
  • Understand the ways in which special effects are created and the various roles that special effects play in movies
  • Demonstrate both the creative capacity to pre-visualize a complete narrative film and the technical ability to execute this vision consistently over the course of a production
  • A working knowledge of the current state of the industry in all of its permutations, including emerging forms in the television, advertising, and social media


  • Orientation Meeting:

First Saturday of first Week of training by 10:00 am

  • Class Training: (Week 1 – Week 4)

Thursdayand Friday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

  • Field Work (Shooting) (Week 1 – Week 4)

Saturday (From 10:0am)

  • Groups Class Training Session with Instructor: (Week 5)

Friday and Saturday (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Group 1 – Cinematographers
Group 2 – Directors
Group 3 – Video Editors
Group 4 – Actors
Group 5 – Scriptwriters

  • Training Target

The training will be majorly practical. In the course of the training, we will shoot:

  • 4 short films,
  • 2 documentaries film,
  • 2 commercial films,
  • 2 musical videos,
  • 2 TV Shows will be shot.

1.6 Student Target:

While the training is ongoing, each applicant will be expected to come up with:

  • 2 short films idea,
  • 1 Commercial Film idea,
  • 1 Documentaries idea,
  • 1 TV Show Ideas

Among which at least 5 different genres of visual storytelling contents of personal work will be shot for each applicant within the 3 months training period while the applicant act as producer for each of their original work. Applicants will have access to use all equipment needed for their production for free.

  • Examination Period: – Last Saturday of week 5

This is meant to test student understanding of what has been taught so far.

  • Final Project Shoot – (Week 6)

Each Team will include one cinematographer, director, scriptwriter, actor, and editor to handle the final project.

Team Platinum        –          5 Members
Team Gold              –          5 Members
Team Diamond       –          5 Members
Team Emerald         –          5 Members
Team Sapphire        –          5 Members
Team Ruby              –          5 Members

Each Team will handle the final project four different genres of a selected from concept idea submitted by students:

  • One Short Film Script
  • One Commercial Film Script
  • One Short Documentaries Script
  • One TV Show Script


  • Graduation Night Ceremony & Premiering of Works (to be fixed)

This will include:

  • We will get a hall with a capacity to accommodate at least 500 people and also have a giant projector screen for cinema purposes
  • Many giant players in Media and Film Industry will be at the Graduation night to celebrate with the graduating students.
  • Graduation Night Ceremony also will be a time where student receive Certificate
  • Students have the opportunity to bring along with them five friends and family to celebrate their achievements
  • All the final project works will be premiered for the guest
  • There will award for best graduating students and also the best short films among the final projects.
  • The best short film of the night will get an opportunity for fundraising to sponsors such films to international festival

To register for any of the course please get in touch via WhatsApp on 07087281791, 09057273900

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