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Emerging brands:-BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH 20,000 NAIRA- BoluFaramade Omotayo

Sequel to the last episode, where we talked about businesses you can start with 10,000, today we’ll be discussing businesses you can start with 20,000naira. At some point, you may have an amount of money lying around and you’d like to invest in a profitable venture. Here are a list of businesses that you can start with 20,000naira.

Home Service Hairdressing/Barbing

This is a relatively easy business to do as you do not need a shop or stall. All you have to do is advertise, get clients and go over to their houses to work. You may have to get your clipper as a barber and your comb, brush and oils as a hairdresser. This way you even make more profit than one who works in a shop.

Newspaper Vendoring 

This involves the sales of newspapers, magazines and books from place to place. You will have to get the newspapers from the company as early as possible to make sales. You may also choose to supply to offices or sell in bits.

Catering Services

This is a very lucrative business that can be done with little capital. All you need do is to advertise, get orders, work from home, and deliver promptly. In this case, all you need can be found at home and you’ll only have to buy ingredients depending on the order.

House Cleaning

This is a business made to help people who are too busy to clean their houses, for a fee. To begin, you should have your instruments, just incase you are not provided with them.

Mini Provision Store

With 20,000 you can start a mini provision Store where everyday needs are sold. This could be sold in a stall and the availability of products brings about more patronage as people like patronizing shops that usually have all their needs per time.

Snail Farming

Snail farming does not require a lot of capital because most things you need to feed them with are things you can get around like pawpaw leaves e.t.c. Also, they multiply easily and maintenance isn’t a lot to handle.

Re-selling Used Clothes

 Sales of used clothes popularly known as ‘Okirika’ is another business that would fetch you a lot of money without having to spend much. All you need is to get a bale of clothes and get a good location to display your wares. The location of your sales is highly dependent on the content of your bale.

Printing of Recharge Cards

The business of printing recharge cards is one which is not as known as it’s retailing. Also, it is easier than most people think. All you need is to register with a dealer to distribute recharge pins, a computer, a printer, the dealer’s software and in no time, you’re in business.

Sales of Charcoal

The charcoal business is not so populated. All you need is to make a deal with your buyer, and also connect with your wholesalers. Also, you can do this remotely.

Fish Farming

This is a business that can be done at home as you only need a basin, the fingerlings and their feed. The good thing about fish farming is that fishes grow rapidly, and as such sales is made quickly.


No matter the business you choose, the determination to stay in business regardless whatever, should be your driving force.

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