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Emerging Brand:-BUSINESSES YOU CAN START WITH 25,000 – BoluFaramade Omotayo

Breaking the jinx of joblessness is a personal battle that must be fought and conquered by all. This is why the entrepreneurial spirit must be activated and new businesses cannot but be created.

It is a known fact that tiny drops of water make an ocean and for this reason, you don’t have to have millions in your account before you start a business. No matter how small you start, with determination and resilience, you are headed for the top.
Today, we bring to you a list of businesses that could be run with 25,000 naira. They include:

E-banking and POS Business
If you live in an area with no banks, this business is just for you. All you need is to register at your bank, get a POS machine from the same bank and you are in business. In no time, people will come to you for withdrawals and deposits and as long as you are credible, the sky is your starting point.

Poultry Business
This business is one that is easy to do and is usually super lucrative at festive seasons. For this, you’d need a cage, the chicks and their feed. The healthier the grow, the better the sales per time.

Beddings Production
The key to this business is consistency. While you may choose to only retail, you can decide to buy the materials and give them to a good tailor to see. With perfect packaging, you’re ready for sales.

Popcorn Business
This business does not need so much advertisement as the aroma alone will do the job. You can start a popcorn machine with a pot and in the course of the business, get a popcorn machine.

Bead Making
This solely relies on training, passion and creativity. This business, is also highly dependent on advertisement as people like to see your works before placing orders.

Shawarma Business
Being a snack loved by most people, the business of making shawarma is very lucrative and the more delicious, the more traffic. It is worthy of note that, to a large extent, this business thrives at very good locations.

Soap Making
Soaps and disinfectants can be made at home to be distributed to retailers and even final users. The basic thing is to have all materials and be perfect in production.

Perfume Retail
Perfumes can be bought from wholesalers to be sold in bits and by so doing, profit is made.

Phone Accessories Retail
Everyone at least has a phone and at some point will need an accessory. This is why the sale of phone accessories is a lucrative venture that can never be out of recognition.

Sales of Foodstuff
As foodstuff is known to be a compulsory part of life, it is a lucrative business and will definitely bring a steady source of income to it’s sellers

In starting any business, the basic element is the quest for growth and this should be every entrepreneur’s objective.



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