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Education:- What is the right age to start school?


The right age to start school varies for every child. I was four years when I started school. I could read, write and probably make better sentences than most of my peers. Early education is mostly decided by the parent and it is a huge step for both the parent and child. It is also determined by the system of education in place.

In recent times, the school age has reduced so much that children at twenty four months and above are being taken to pre nursery schools and kindergarten where they are expected to be able to read and write. At this age, children are supposed to eat, sleep, play on repeat.

According to some experts in developmental psychology, the first five years of a child’s life are fundamentally important. Just like a foundation, it shapes the child’s health, happiness, growth, development and learning achievement in school.

Early experiences that children face from when they are born to the first three years matter a lot. I should also state that parents are children’s first teachers and so they copy them. Their actions, tone of voice, mood can be interpreted to an extent bythe child and is effective to how they develop learning, emotional and social abilities. It is important to be cautious about what is said and how it is said around the child.

I should quickly put that the nutrition of your child matters a lot too if you want him or her to operate on an optimal level.

I believe every child is different and have different capacity of growth especially when it comes to learning. This however, should be closely monitored by the parents since they are the determining factor.

A child raised with love, attention and enough mental stimulation would always do better than one without. Know this when you are considering making them start school.

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