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Education:- The 6-3-3-4 System of Education. How Valid?

The 6-3-3-4 system of education, introduced in 1988 replaced the 6-5-4 system. This system was designed to bring functionality to the system by producing graduates who are vast mentally and can also exhibit a measure of ambidexterity.

The achievement of this had a lot to do with the establishment of technical institutions which would be training grounds for students plying the technical route.

This journey is expected to start after the Junior Secondary School Examination but as we have it, only little regard is given to this examination.

Unlike the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, the Junior Exam has been relegated to the hands of the state governments who pay little or no attention to the importance of the result of the examination. The students who write this examination successfully on the other hand are expected to continue with their Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Another important question is the availability of these vocational centres. Vocational training centres are supposed to be places where students are appreciated for their individual capabilities but how many are up and running? If more vocational centres are established, the transition process becomes easier.

Taking a deeper look, the role parents play in the success of this system is one to be worked on. Parents prefer to have all their children acquire University education due to the importance placed on certificates in Nigeria today and this is the reason why the supposed technical school – bound students are made to continue their secondary education and finally get into tertiary institutions.

The secondary school education in Nigeria has been made into a democratic political strategy. The real aim of the 6-3-3-4 structure is to explore the scientific creativity of the younger generation but as we have it today, the unavailability of some key components has brought about a decline in the achievement of this aim.

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