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Education:- Five principles of Academic Excellence

Iremofe kofoworola

Every good student desires great academic performance but it goes beyond mere wishes to perform brilliantly in academics. It really requires much deliberate effort and some guiding principles. It is so honorable to perform exceptionally well in one’s academic pursuit.

Do you really want to become an excellent student irrespective of your previous academic performance? All you have to do is thoroughly read and follow the academic principles given below. Your way to academic success is guaranteed!

SET A GOAL: It all begins with you setting a goal for yourself. It is not only about having those goals, you need clear goals. It is advisable you pen down your goals. If you can dream it, there are greater possibilities that you can achieve it. Are you an undergraduate who dreams of graduating as a first class student? Your dream is valid! Your dream is achievable. Mark Victor Hansen once said, “By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be”. Pen down your goals.

HAVE POSITIVE LEARNING ATTITUDE: It is quite commendable that you have clarity of goal. It requires more enthusiasm, drive and passion for you to perform excellently in your academics. You must imbibe an act of positive learning attitude. Attitude is everything. Be positive towards learning.You must do away with fear. Study always with the mindset that you can come out in flying colors. You must love to learn, always!

DISCIPLINE: Discipline is key. To succeed in our career, academic or business, discipline must be our “watchword”. This implies that, no student can do well in academics without having the willpower. Sometimes you do not feel like studying, but you must remember that whether you feel like it or not, there is a goal you have set for yourself. It does not mean you must read when you are tired or stressed out, but you do it. Read!

GET PAST QUESTIONS: Past questions can be a form of guide for you. This enables you to have a clue of what past examinations were like. Do not just cram for any test or assessment. Exams should be an evaluation of what you know. Past questions help you know how to prepare for your exams. It also gives you directions on what to study. Also, ask relevant questions when you are in class. Asking questions and getting accurate answers really prepare you for the task ahead.

SELF DISCOVERY: It is paramount you find out what works for you. How do you assimilate when you study? Do not just jump on the bandwagon. Students need to understand their psychology of learning. You need to discover what works for you. It is primarily about you. I am not talking about taking drugs or some toxic substance. It is all about discovery how best you can have accelerated learning. Know what works for you.

It is no doubt that you can achieve your dreams by being the best student in your class. But remember, it is not about competition. It is about making yourself and family proud. Past failure should not get you scared. This is not a sort of “motivational speech”. This is presenting to you that as a good student, your goal should be aiming at being the best not just an average student.

Academic excellence is all possible!

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