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EDUCATION:- Education should be free in Nigeria

SOLOMON Oluwaseun

A sizeable number of people would argue with this topic saying it is free and they didn’t pay tuition through out secondary school because they went to a public school, but is free education just about paying tuition? What about the materials needed for and also in school, or the chairs and table used in school. Are they also not under the phrase “Free Education”?

I went to a public secondary school thirteen years ago under the free education regime. On resumption into Junior Secondary School One, each student was to come to school with their personal modified chair with a table top, their personal text book and notes books and homemade school uniforms. Imagine someone who couldn’t afford school, found an opportunity only to find out he still has to pay a carpenter, tailor and also get all the books he needs.

I remember in mid JSS, we had to to receive class under an open tent with an aluminum sheet top and we could feel the sun’s intensity at noon and to worsen the situation the classes were either taken on a plank or on our knees because the chairs brought were already stolen or broken.

But before i left secondary school, a lot got better offer with the government building new classes, furnished with chairs, and even provision of textbooks for some major subjects.

Although, a lot can still be done like continuity on this program, provision of school uniforms, lunch break, and even transport system, because for me, free education means all you need to do is register to be a student and all you need will be provided to you. Lastly the free education provided is just for secondary school and should be extended to tertiary institutions.

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