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Bolu_Faramade Omotayo

The wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria brought about the closure of schools, a procedure to contain the virus.

Though we all agreed to this great idea initially, it feels like there is more to it now. Not only has ASUU decided to go on a strike, the Federal Government of Nigeria has decided to turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the students all over the country.

It is often said that Education in Nigeria is cheap in comparison to education elsewhere but even with this cheapness, the best is not brought to the table. Most politicians in high places send their children to schools abroad thereby leaving the average Nigerian Youth to swim through the ocean called “Tertiary Education In Nigeria”.

Though it may have begun to sound like a norm, something has to be done and very soon. Our “leaders of tomorrow” have not been given the enablement to learn and work like leaders. So how then are they supposed to function as leaders tomorrow?

If these issues are not looked into, the quality of graduates that are churned out will be an eyesore, the educational sector will be relegated to the back which is not supposed to be, and ultimately, our future is at stake.

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