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Sometimes it is seen, other times it is heard, but regardless the form it comes in, it is no doubt that art appeals to the human mind. This is why even babies understand sounds made and recognize them overtime.

Work of art, visual or otherwise, can tell stories or simply express an aesthetic truth or feeling. Art has existed for as long as humankind and has metamorphosed into what we have today.

Aristotle in his writings, sees art as an imitation of real life action and a display of the lives of man as it is perceived by it’s creators. He also believes that part of artistic exercise is not only to capture what we see but to make it more extraordinary by removing it’s imperfections.

The term art is one that is broad as it can ever be and for this reason, people hardly think of defining it. Art entails paintings, drawings, performances, orthographies, and even designing.

Art relies solely on imagination as the mind is where ideas and basics that are built on are conceived and are given life.

The two basic concepts of art are form and content. While the former includes principles and elements of design, content is less concrete. It includes the ideas and imagination of the artist.

Form encompasses the physical elements of artworks, rather than what it communicates. Content on the other hand refers to a work’s subject matter.

In conclusion, a crucial purpose inherent to most artistic discipline is the underlying intention to appeal to, and connect with human emotions.

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