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According to a popular business quote, “Treat a customer good, he would tell a friend, treat him bad, he would tell twenty”. These words should be at the forefront in the minds of business owners. The relationship a customer has with you would determine how far you would go in that business.

Business owners need to know that their product or service is not the only thing that would keep their customers. It takes a whole lot more. You could produce the best products. Give the best services but this doesn’t mean your customers would stick to getting your services.

Take Cocacola for example. It has been in existence for over 125 years. How did they do this? Let’s look at the facts. They know the formula for a great drink. Their expansion plans are perfect, hence their worldwide spread, but this is the same for many other beverage companies. What then is the difference? It is the way they treat their customers. Remember when Cocacola bottles had peoples names on it, that’s a great market/consumer strategy. Who doesn’t want a chilled drink with their name on it?

Going into a business means you have a demography. This means that you have people who need your product or require your services, they are the reason you are in business and making profit depends on the demand made by them. Knowing this, there are a few ways to make sure your customers are satisfied and keep returning back to you. They include:

Having a friendly attitude: Whether you are the point of contact or you have other people working for you, anyone talking to a customer should have an attitude that doesn’t put people off. Being standoffish or rude is disastrous. Throw in a smile or two if it is a face to face interaction. Genuinely ask about their day. Let a customer feel relaxed when talking to you.

Remembering names: Have a register where you store customers details. Their names, address (for deliveries) and items they have bought. This serves as a background to help foster a relationship.

Surprise them: Remember that registers, include their months and days of birth. Send them a lovely message or card (if you can afford it) and watch them put you in mind. People love feeling remembered and celebrated. Leaving you is not an option when you constantly show they are on your mind too.

Thank them for choosing you: Making a customer feel fulfilled is a trick that works every time. Tell them you would not be in business if they do not drop by, or make a purchase. They’ll feel good about keeping you in business.

There are several ways to achieve maximum growth in a business enterprise. But having a good customer service or relationship would take you farther than you dreamed. Think about this when starting your business or if you are already in one.

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