Coded TV Film Academy

Coded TV Film Academy was set up to tackle prevalent learning hurdles that exists in film academy around the world today.

There are two type of filmmaking programs. The first cover tons of material but cost upwards of N500k. The other type of program just focus on one portion of filmmaking process like lighting or editing and dives really deep in that one part but even those cost hundred of thousands of naira and student still miss out on all the other aspect of filmmaking.

Not only this, both programs only cover theory. No one is giving aspiring filmmaker the exercise they need to turn theory into skills through hands-on practice. Apart from the expensive training fee that has kept many away from gaining the expertise they need to achieve their dream, those who could afford the funds are only exposed to basis of filmmaking on theory basis.

We set up this academy to create a well versed filmmaker who is equips both with international-filmmaking standards and with practical skills.

Our courses ensure each of our student take two courses of any of Cinematography, Video Editing, Scriptwriting, Acting and Directing as their main training focus while the rest serves as elective. We ensure our students are well versed in scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, video editing and acting because these five are the core of filmmaking.

Every week, students are given an exercise designed to level up their skills in the course of their six weeks training with us.

Furthermore, we ensure our students are given opportunity to be part of our in-house shoot such as TV Show recording, film shoot and on location project where they get the chance to mix with already established filmmakers. They end their training by shooting a short film as their graduating project to show they are prepare to handle bigger filmmaking project.

If this sounds like the program you’ve been looking for, click below and enrol today


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