Collaboration is Key

3rd Edition holding soon

100 Young CEOs Forum 3rd Edition will focus majorly on how young Nigeria Entrepreneurs can drive Nigeria economy using the innovative S.T.E.M method in productions, marketing and sales. Business has gone beyond a systematic buying and selling methodology. The new market demands easy connection between seller and buyer. Therefore, the third edition theme: “Entrepreneurs as Reformers” was clearly thought out to create new armies of young entrepreneurs who understand the demands of the new market and how to penetrate to gain maximum share of the market. We are transiting from the era of “talks” to “doing” and to achieve this, we are not going to wait for everybody, just the few who are ready.

Entrepreneurs as Reformers

The 100 Young CEOs Forum will lead young entrepreneurs who have great ideas to take responsibility for making our nation a better place than we found it by advancing diversity and inclusion. This is not just a seminar but a platform that brings young brilliants mind together for the purpose of training, mentorship and much more.

Scale Up Approach

Many of our small scale businesses never survive past the first three years of their existence because there are lots of toxic elements that made the market place unconducive for small scale business to survive. Our plan is to bring 100 Young CEO together in a bid to help each to succeed. We will be the bridge for all these startups by using professional networks to guide them in every decision-making process.

The Best Experience Ever

Nigeria Youth must come together to give Nigeria the winning edge it deserves on global stage. We must give all to ensure we give the coming generation a better, stronger, and a prosperous country.
Taiwo Peace Oyeniyi

Watch Out for 3rd Edition