100 Young CEOs Forum



Fueled by the promise of opportunities and the power of innovation, our vision is to build the world’s most vibrant, diverse, and dynamic society driven by our youth. Our nation’s future prosperity and competitiveness now depend on meeting pressing socio-political and economic challenges we face today as a nation. Driven by the glaring potentials of our youth and tenacity to create a way forward, the 100 Young CEOs Forum was founded to train and mentor the nation’s most vibrant, creative, and hardworking youth in a bid to give them the necessary rudiments needed to change today narratives in our nation and build the future prosperity of our nation. You will agree with us that there is a need to change many narratives in Nigeria’s systems today. One of the challenges facing Nigeria today is the lack of platforms that provides the necessary training to equip the young generations for tomorrow’s challenges. We have stood up to fill this gap. Our major vision is to provide platforms that will help Nigerian youth to be financially and intellectually sound which will result in radical development across all sectors of our nation.





Collaboration is the currency of the 21st century. We believe that there is no single one of us that is as powerful as all of us. It is high time we create platforms as the men did at Babel to build a new tower for reshaping Nigeria narratives. The socio-economic crises we have experienced in the country are solvable if we can create that atmosphere that supports each of us to succeed. Nigeria is never in short supply of vibrant, intelligent, hard-working young people, the problem has always been a good support system that creates conducive platforms for these brilliants ones to express their full potentials without limitations. Many of our small-scale businesses never survive past the first three years of their existence because there are lots of toxic elements that made the marketplace unconducive for small-scale businesses to survive. Our plan is to bring 100 Young CEOs together in a bid to help each to succeed. We will be the bridge for all these startups by using a professional network to guide them in every decision-making process.



Our society is a multicultural society and this supposes to serve as an area of strength. But because many of our Small Businesses rather than projecting our cultural strength, are aiming to mirror the western market way of operations which at the same time automatically set them up for a business war they are not equipped to fight, needless to say, win. Many of our indigenous brands are in competition with global brands using the same module they created to compete with them, a battle they can never win. We cannot beat them at the game they invented except we bring our own indigenous ways of doing things to make the difference. We have studied our culture and the richness of her resources and we will be giving our 100 CEO terrains to follow in Branding and marketing our cultural value with their idea/products on a global market.



The 100 Young CEOs Forum will lead young entrepreneurs who have great ideas to take responsibility for making our nation a better place than we found it by advancing diversity and inclusion. This is not just a seminar but a platform that brings young brilliants minds together for the purpose of training, mentorship, and much more. We will ensure we have at least 100 CEOs in every local government across the federations to champion the transition of a great paradigm shift in our society. We will use networks of resourceful people like your good self across EVERY sector to guide these Young CEOs in a bid to train them on how to fare in business trouble-waters, tackle raging issues across our education sector, economic challenges, socio-political problems, and much more. We will constantly bring them together to come and learn industry insights from experienced and resourceful during these meet-ups. For now, we are focusing on six cities: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Calabar, and Kaduna.



We believe the economic challenges facing Nigeria today is enormous but we also believe we have what it takes to subdue all crises raging if we come together and start now. There are many challenges militating against small-scale businesses in Nigeria today and in a bid to solve this menace that has kept many of our youth away from achieving the breakeven results, we have created this platform to train and give them exposure to resourceful and experienced personality.


To join, please send a mail with the title “Request to join 100 Young CEOs Forum” 100youngceoforum@codedtv.tv  and give brief information about yourself and your business and we will get back to you within 72 hours of mail of receiving your mail

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