Career:- Building Human Capital

As you know, the importance of capital in any venture cannot be relegated to the backseat.

Knowing you are familiar with financial capital, today I present to you, Human Capital.

Human Capital is an arsenal of people around who help in facilitating the achievements of your goals. These people may be family, friends, acquaintances and even business associates who understand your vision and are willing to help in it’s achievement.

Building your Human Capital involves relating with people so well that they are willing to reciprocate this act. In building your Human Capital, you must:

• Have something to offer.
• Know your social structures
• Relate your vision to the right people.
• Know your values; all you stand for.
• Be resourceful
• Show interest in other people’s ventures.
• Be a good listener
• Never relent on your standards.

You’ll find these tips very useful in building your Human Capital as no man is an island.

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