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Eunice Ojo A.

The ability of employees to remain enthusiastic, revitalized and motivated rests on how impacting and value filled the leader is.  Leaders are generally referred to as chief servants for a reason, they clear the path for others to follow and successfully come through hurdles. The belief that leaders are individuals that sit idly and give commands behind their desk remains a myth.

Business leaders are individuals who posses the quality of self-discipline, empathy, optimism and are formidable, these quality enables leaders to stand the test of trial that comes with the business. Ultimately, Leaders are the engine in the soul of a business.

The absence of a leader in a business environment amounts to lack of – coordination, focus, drive – amidst other factors in the organization. On the part of the employee, it promotes lackadaisical and non-chalancy also negation of company policy and rule. Hence, the success story that should take two(2) years takes twenty(20) years, and that is if the business lives enough to tell its tales.

Furthermore, when a leader is not present, everyone becomes figure-head leaders, making their own rules and most times displaying incompetencies which will in turn tear apart unity and eventually the business.

However, the presence of a leader accumulates:

* Order

* Progress

* Teamwork

* Cooperation

Competent Leaders are able to effectively manage people and machine resources in the organization. They  are necessarily a must have in businesses.

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