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Irene Nwaolise

The social media platform has existed for a long time but the idea that it could be used as a great tool for businesses started a little over five years ago.

We know that the sole purpose of a business is to make profit through providing services or selling products. These products reaching a wide amount of people would generate more profit and that is where the online platform presents itself.

When Facebook was born, it drew everyone in. According to Statista, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the app all other apps want to be like in the future! Businesses could use this as a medium to reach if not a million customers, half, from just a tiny app.

Times have changed. Virtually everyone is online, putting your business online is more like shouting not just from the rooftop, but from Everest. This is a great way to make people start talking about your business but there are things to consider

Know and understand your market: This helps to streamline your customer base. You get an estimate of people you are servicing or producing for. For example, ALWAYS sanitarypad as a brand knows that their demographic are only females. This is not changing anytime soon, except of course, men start menstruating. The horror!

Understanding how the online platform works: Facebook, Instagram, whatever the means, it is pertinent to understand how these apps work. From Advertisements to promotions, new product alert or rebranded products, daily engagement serves to improve the continuity and growth of the business.
Have an interesting website or online space: How you are able to capture and draw in customers matters. Use catchy phrases, stimulating pictures or themes for your brand. Remember that these colours must rhyme with your brand’s theme, don’t confuse your audience.
Have a good customer service: Certainly, this cannot be over emphasized. How quick do you respond to your emails from customers? Answer questions? Sort out orders? These matter a whole lot. Be available. Let your availability be consistent. The online community has lots of people selling similar products, you are dispensable if you have bad service. A quote from my mentor says, “if you make a customer happy, he will tell a friend, if you piss him off, he will tell twenty.”
The online market is not for the feeble minded. It is definitely not a walk in the park. You need as much energy and resources to sustain relevance and your customers. But the effort always pays off at the end. I hope your business flourishes as you venture into this new sphere.

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