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Everyone makes money but it is not everyone that saves money. Working and earning money is an extreme sport but when crisis comes, there should be a support while going through this crisis.

Saving is an act of economising. It is also an act of recovery, or preservation of loss. Saving is an important part of human life which should be imbibed by every individual. However, most people don’t know how to save. The following are tips one should follow to be able to save money.

Cutting off unnecessary spending: One way of saving money is cutting off irrelevant spending. One habit in most people is buying what they think they want not what they need. However this should be checked by creating a list of things needed, things that are priority and save money for hard times.

Invest your money: Instead of spending money on material things that would fade out why not double the money while saving by investing in real estate and the latest investment plans like etherium, forsage, bitcoin, forex trade, etc.

Saving 20% of your earnings: Another tip is once you get your salary, the first thing you do is save 20% of it. This helps you effectively manage the rest you are left with.
Piggy banks: Don’t forget that there are applications which helps in saving money such as cowrywise, piggyvest, Alat, etc. They are effective as to how you want to save your money.


There are the tips listed above on how to save money conveniently. Not all but one of these tips can be used to help through the rainy days. Save and invest wisely!!!

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