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Business is referred to as the organised efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit. Everyone has one or two businesses, they are making profits from. Intuition and business; do entrepreneurs use their intuition for business? What does intuition have to do with business?

Intuition is the gut. It is also an instinctive knowing. It is an impression that something might be right. So how does it connect to business? For instance, an entrepreneur wants to improve his/her business, while searching for ideas then suddenly there was a spark, an out of the ordinary thought that comes in a flash. Yes, that one thought can improve your business. A spark of intuition, a mental prompt on how one needs to be creative for your business improvement.

However, people or let me say most entrepreneurs overlook these thoughts. They think because it is just a flash, they dismiss the thought. In essence, most of the sparks you get can actually help your business. These thoughts are just your gut telling you how to make more profits for your business.

Even when you think you are not intuitive, it is possible to improve your business intuition. Give yourself time to experiment with it. Your intuition can contribute to your business growth. Start paying attention to that thought or new idea. Paying attention to these little mental nudges will improve your business intuition. The first step to improve your business intuition is by opening your mind to the presence of the sparks and it would be turning point improvement for your business.

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