Registration Deadline Extended for Filmmaking Training!!!

3 Months of Intensive Filmmaking Training

Coded TV Film Academy is an initiative of Coded TV aim at promoting Nigeria culture through visual storytelling by providing platforms and opportunities that will expose upcoming filmmakers to international best practices in media and film production to achieve professional’s standards in every film production.

The major objective is to build the capacity needed for upcoming filmmakers to fit in into the industry and make a substantial impact in the industry with professionals’ work.

The Training background:

The Coded TV Film Academy will train at least 30 upcoming filmmakers in all skill sets needed for film production from March 7, 2020, to June 7, 2020 (3 months). The training will be majorly practical. In the course of the training, more than 80 short films, 30 documentaries film, 30 commercial films, 40 musical videos, 50 TV Shows will be shot. While the training is ongoing, each applicant will be expected to come up with at least 10 short films idea, 2 Commercial Film idea, 3 Documentaries idea, 2 TV Show Ideas among which at least 5 different genres of visual storytelling contents of personal work will be shot for each applicant within the 3 months training period while the applicant act as producer for each of their original work. Applicants will have access to use all equipment needed for their production for free.


  • To create opportunities for young filmmakers to shoot their creative story at no cost
  • To create a high-quality film, all the way from collecting the footage to editing, production to the output in digital media.
  • To create a new army of creative and unique filmmakers.

Highlights of what you will gain in 3 months are:

  • Learn how to shoot a feature film, commercial film, documentary film, and TV shows
  • Learn all aspect of filmmaking processes
  • Learn one of scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, editing as a major course and two others as elective courses.
  • On-camera skills and techniques
  • Understanding of every skillset needed in filming
  • Understanding of the business side of filmmaking
  • On-camera skills and techniques used by industry professionals
  • Story structure as it applies to the actor
  • Physical and vocal awareness and engagement
  • The professional film, commercial and television audition skills
  • Understand the role of the cinematographer in film production
  • Understand the basic characteristics of the cinematographic properties of a shot; film stock, lighting, and lenses
  • Describe the differences between a shot, a setup and a take
  • Understand the ways in which special effects are created and the various roles that special effects play in movies
  • Demonstrate both the creative capacity to pre-visualize a complete narrative film and the technical ability to execute this vision consistently over the course of a production
  • Working knowledge of the current state of the industry in all of its permutations, including emerging forms in the television, advertising, and social media

Extra achievements:

  • Shoot your own short film, commercial film, documentary film as a final training project
  • Shoot and act in on-location and studio footage Production.
  • Perform Meisner Technique, Scene Study, and improvisation before a live audience
  • On-Camera performance of a film scene shot and edited by a team of professionals
  • Shoot multi-camera scenes
  • Form a Production Team of your own
  • Receive a certificate in Filmmaking Techniques

Course Fees: N45,000 (Use of Equipment & Certificate)
Location: – Lagos

Only 30 Slots available
There is provision for Weekend Sessions for Working Class. Payment must be made or before March 5, 2020, for adequate preparation. Once the 30 slots are filled up, there will be no extra slot for latecomers. The application closes on March 5, 2020. To Register Click Here

An applicant can pay to:
Once payment is received, details of the venue will be sends across to the payee. Payment evidence should be sent to or WhatsApp: 08094793194. The payee will get a response immediately.

Account Name:   Coded Numbers Media and Production Limited
Bank Number:      1221279576
Access Bank

For more information, please call 08094793194, 09057273900, 07087291791



  1. Is installments payments available

    1. Thank you for your interest. We do not have an installments payment option.

    2. No please, we accept full payment at once to avoid issue.

  2. Will i know how to use a dslr camera at the end of this training?
    And how to shoot very sharp and clesr content?

    1. We are shooting with Canon 80D and Canon 5D Mark IV. This training will take place while we are shooting films. So, you will learn how to use every equipment involved in the production of film and media content

  3. I will also like to come over to your office before i make payment , so can i get an address?

    1. On response to your comments, you can come to our office at Penthouse, The Good Shepherd House, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Opposite Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos or call 08094793194 for more information

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